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Hi. You appear to have created several entries that were based on machine translations. They contained lots of mistakes and had to be corrected by human editors. Please note that we don't encourage adding entries based on machine translations. If you don't master the Czech language enough to write a meaningful dictionary definition, you should better focus on editing Wiktionaries in languages you master better. Thanks for you understanding. --Auvajs (diskuse) 4. 12. 2015, 22:31 (CET)

Cut it out, dude[editovat]

Hello. Let me support what Auvajs has already suggested: Please, stop creating entries here. It is clearly beyond your skills and competence. I'm even suggesting your Rut(h) for deletion. There's more damage than benefit to what you are doing here. Sorry for being this blatant. --Pyprilescu (diskuse) 5. 12. 2015, 14:44 (CET)


Thanks for your efforts but this entry had many mistakes too. (Wrong pronunciation, wrong grammatical aspects, some mistakes in conjugation, definition section was not usable at all, translations had to be removed as well.) Are you sure you really know what you're doing here? --Auvajs (diskuse) 8. 12. 2015, 00:46 (CET)